Charlotte Westies is the Charlotte area West Coast Swing dance community. In many ways we’re like other amateur or social dance clubs. But like West Coast Swing itself, we are a less formal group, with no memberships or annual dues. While the love of the dance itself is the common link we all share, the connection goes deeper than that. We also enjoy the social interaction that is an inherent part of West Coast Swing. For many of us, it has provided an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, and make new friends.

Within Charlotte Westies you’ll find brand new and highly experienced dancers, young people and seniors, and everyone in between. We truly welcome everyone! Please don’t let lack of experience – West Coast Swing or otherwise – hold you back. Just bring some curiosity and enthusiasm and we’ll help you with the rest.

Feel the connection – come out and dance with the Charlotte Westies!

Regular Dances and Professional Dance Instruction

We understand learning to dance can be a challenge for most people since we’ve been there too. If you’re just getting started, group classes are a great way to get introduced to the dance and learn the basic steps in a low-key and fun environment. We post available local group dance lessons on our Event Calendar page so you can find the right dance class to fit your schedule.

“Westies” have a variety of great dancing opportunities in Charlotte. For starters, every Tuesday night we get together at Lynn’s Dance Club for a mid-week party. The fun includes beginner and intermediate group lessons led by local dance instructor Carrie Smith. Carrie has been professionally teaching and competing in dance for 15 years, and she is a regular competitor in West Coast Swing events throughout the U.S.

Charlotte Westies also hosts a Saturday evening dance on a monthly basis, with instruction taught by various local and regional dance instructors. Currently these events are held on the second Saturday of each month at a centrally-located ballroom.

Wait There’s More

From time-to-time Charlotte Westies get together for “special events’ like an evening at a local dance club or a group dinner. There also are plenty of opportunities to participate in other events hosted by members of the Charlotte Westies community.

Check out our Event Calendar page for everything currently planned, and our Facebook page for additional details.

Charlotte Westies April 7, 2017

“It’s a great way to stay active, meet new friends and it’s my fun escape from the real world.”


“I dance this dance because it gives me freedom to play within the music, music that makes my soul sing.”


“Dancing is a way for me to experience freedom and joy. The weekly classes allow me to share that with the community.”


“It makes me feel younger than I am.”