Charlotte Westies Apparel

In response to requests for Charlotte Westies apparel, we’ve established a way to design and purchase a wide range of items. Below you’ll find a variety of designs to choose from and instructions on how design and purchase items for yourself.

STEP 1: Select Your Design

Begin by reviewing the designs presented at the bottom of this page and then download the appropriate files to your computer. (Scroll down to view available designs). Since you are able to resize and position the graphics when you build your order, there are a lot of options available. For example, you may choose to put a large design on the front or back paired with a small logo somewhere else on the garment. Or you may just decide to go with a single logo or design on the front or back. It’s up too you.

All of the files below were built in Adobe Illustrator (.ai format). Illustrator is commercial art software and it’s the industry standard for creating vector art files. Each file has been compressed into a .zip format, so after downloading to your computer, you’ll need to unzip each file back to its native .ai format (either double click or right click depending on your computer).

download diagram

STEP 2: Select Your Apparel Item

In the process of setting this ordering systems up, we tested four different shirt producers. One failed the quality test. The other three had very comparable quality but two of them were considerably more expensive than the supplier we’re recommending. The recommended supplier (PRINTFUL) has a production facility in Charlotte, and in our tests had the lowest prices and quickest turnaround.

NOTE: You are free to use any supplier you wish. Regardless of who you choose, please keep in mind that any payments, quality issues or merchandise returns are strictly between you and the imprint company. Charlotte Westies is not responsible for any purchase decisions you make.


Recommended Supplier: PRINTFUL

  1. On the PRINTFUL website you’ll see “Products & Pricing” in the menu at the top of the page. Choose a category, then narrow in on your selection.
  2. Various brands and styles are available. For reference, the tee shirts many of us have purchased at regional dance events are made by either Bella+Canvas or Next Level.
  3. Once you select the style and color you want, Click on the “Get yours” button.

STEP 3: Apply Design to Your Apparel Item

After clicking on the “Get yours” button, you’ll see the “Edit model” page.

  • Along the top of the page, choose whether you will be adding art to the Front, Back, Left Sleeve, Right Sleeve or Outside Label. (Note: available location choices are based on the specific apparel item you chose.)
  • At the bottom left of the page, click on the “Upload file” button to upload the appropriate art file.
  • Once uploaded, the art will be placed on the shirt. You can position and resize within the available space. You can turn the design grid on or off and/or use the zoom in tool to help you envision the final result. If you use the zoom in tool, click on the zoom out tool to return to the design page.
  • If you want to add another design, click on another location near the top of the page (e.g., Back, Outside label, etc.)  and repeat the process outlined above.

STEP 4: Complete Your Order

After completing your design, click on the “Continue to shipping” button.

  • Fill in the required fields
  • Calculate shipping
  • Review your order
  • Enter payment information
  • Complete order

Design Files for Downloading

Shirt Back / Outside Label / Sleeve Charlotte Westies “Dancers” Logo + Web

Charlotte Westies Tee-Shirt Design: Charlotte Westies Dancers Logo

Note: Charlotte Westies “Dancers” and Name Only” logo files shown above for front applications (without the web address) can also be used on the back or sleeves, and sized as desired.

Shirt Back / Outside Label / Sleeve Charlotte Westies “Name Only” Logo + Web

Charlotte Westies Tee-Shirt Design: Charlotte Westies Dancers Logo

Note: Charlotte Westies “Dancers” and Name Only” logo files shown above for front applications (without the web address) can also be used on the back or sleeves, and sized as desired.

Additional Information

Additional Design Options

The artwork and ordering process presented above was created to help promote Charlotte Westies. As a result, each of the “design” files include the Charlotte Westies logo as part of the graphic design. That way, we can all be assured that “Charlotte Westies” appears somewhere on the finished product.

If you plan to print more than one graphic (front, back and/or sleeve), and one of the files you use is a version of the Charlotte Westies logo, the design files (e.g., Ability to Swing, etc.) are also available without the Charlotte Westies logo (by request). In other words, you may want a shirt that has the Charlotte Westies logo on the front and the “Swing Addict” graphic on the back (without the logo). If you need design files without the logo for the purpose described here, please email your request using the Contact Form.

Production Details

The process outlined above is made possible by a relatively new technology known as Direct to Garment (DTG) printing. Most printed garments you purchase at a dance event or a store have been silk screened. Because of the steps required to produce silk screened prints, minimum order quantities are often significant. Fortunately DTG printing makes it possible to order single items, however there are some differences vs. silk screening. First, single DTG printed apparel tends to be a bit more expensive than equivalent mass-produced silk screened items. Also, the typical DTG imprint is not as “thick” as traditional silk screen printing, even though the overall visual effect is very comparable. With proper care, both printing methods should wear and last about the same amount of time.

Warm Up Jackets

Several styles of warm up jackets are available from PRINTFUL. A premium style jacket is also available from the Charlotte Westies LogoSoftwear Store.

Charlotte WestieFest & Trilogy Swing Apparel

Don’t forget that a nice selection of apparel is available for both Charlotte Westiefest and Trilogy Swing. Since apparel for these events is ordered in large quantities, the prices are generally less than you’ll pay for custom apparel described here. In addition, some of the ladies styles for those events may not be available through single item suppliers. For more information on apparel supporting these events, contact Rick Dauss at: