Creative and Fun Social Dancing to a Variety of Music

The history of West Coast Swing is well documented elsewhere. Today, West Coast Swing is truly unique because it is constantly evolving in response to new music, new dancers, new cultures, and dancers’ creativity. All of these factors have contributed to make West Coast Swing what it is today – a “living” dance.

A Social Environment

West Coast Swing dancing embraces social interaction and diversity. The frequent changing of partners allows everyone ample opportunity to meet new people. The more experienced dancers can help new dancers get comfortable with the basics. Intermediate dancers can pick up a move from a pro during a social dance. Everyone dances with everyone! The environment is casual and relaxed, reflecting today’s social trends.

This interactive social philosophy is even reflected at the competitive level. Competition events for most other forms of dance feature couples who have practiced together in advance, often for months or even years. West Coast Swing events have “Jack and Jill” competitions, where dancers are randomly paired up with their partners (like drawing names out of a hat). You never know who you will end up dancing with during a Jack and Jill, or what kind of music will spin up next.

All About the Music

West Coast Swing is popular across all age groups and one of the big reasons is because of the music. What kind of music do you like? Top 40? We dance to that. Rock? Bring it on. Hip Hop? We dance to that, too. Blues? That’s part of our roots. Samba, Rumba, Jazz? Yup, that too. West Coast Swing gives us the opportunity to dance to and enjoy great music, regardless of where it comes from.

The Opportunity to Be Creative

West Coast Swing is a very different dance. Although some relate it to ballroom dancing, the differences compared to ballroom are why this dance has become popular across so many social and age groups.

West Coast swing is a partner dance but it is not a leader-dominated dance (like ballroom). In fact, the follower has the opportunity to make each dance special by creating new lines, new shapes and even new steps. This allows both the lead and the follow to be creative within the dance. That’s why no two dances are ever the same, and why every song creates new opportunities. Does it always work perfectly? Nope, but then again, we Westies have a saying, “This week’s big mistake is next week’s great new move.”

So, if the leader isn’t in charge of the dance, who is? Well, it’s the Music.

Experienced West Coast Swing dancers let the music lead the dance, create the opportunities and shape the dance. We don’t just listen for a beat, we listen for rhythms, musical lines and even the lyrics. All of these can impact how we dance to a particular song. This is where personal creativity comes into play. What you hear is what you dance to. It’s not just 1,2,3,4. It’s about everything else (and that too).

A Great Way to Have Fun

So, what happens when you mix great music, a social atmosphere, and the opportunity to be creative? A GREAT BIG FUN TIME!

So please accept our invitation to you. Grab all your friends and come join us this coming Tuesday and give it a try. We welcome everyone. But be careful, you just may become addicted and have to come back again and again.

West Coast Swing – a great combination of dancing, music, and mingling with current friends, new friends and friends you haven’t met yet.

West Coast Swing Dancers

“It’s the way that I can access opportunities locally to participate in the dance I love.”


“For me, the dance is fun, especially after sitting at a desk all day. West Coast Swing is an actively developing social dance for current music while most other dances are history lessons.”


“I love freestyle dancing and partner dancing. West Coast gives me the chance to do both and what’s great is I’m not expected to look like everyone else!”